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Road Rules, Safety Considerations, and Best Practices

Road Rules, Safety Considerations, and Best Practices

In today's blog post, we will be diving into a common question asked by drivers: "Are you allowed to stop on a speed hump in Australia?" As traffic engineers, we understand the importance of clarifying such queries to ensure both the smooth flow of traffic
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Why Our Rumble Bars Make Great Car Stoppers For Garages

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious double garage for their cars. Many homeowners are left with small spaces, leaving them with the challenge of manoeuvring their cars in and out without knocking over bikes, tools, boxes, and other items they’ve stored in this
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Why Rubber Speed Humps Are The Smart Choice

Engineered with enough strength to withstand the charge of fast-moving vehicles, speed humps emerge as the formidable guardians of road safety. And when it comes to safety, rubber speed humps are the clear champions. With their myriad benefits, including cost-effectiveness, visual appeal, longevity, reflectors, sound
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What To Consider When Choosing Car Park Wheel Stops

When it comes to anything vehicle-related, safety comes first. According to Australian standards, car park wheel stops must be installed in areas where it’s important to control the movement of a vehicle entering a parking space. These stops are particularly useful for defining parking spaces
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Northlakes Commercial Plastic Speed Hump Installation

Plastic Speed Humps in Commercial Complex

A simple, yet effective Speed Hump installation at a North Lakes commercial complex. The complex has access from 2 streets which means there is plenty of traffic using this driveway as a thoroughfare or shortcut. The brief was simple, slow the traffic traversing through the
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Primary Connect Heavy Vehicle Lane Divider Speed Hump

Speed Hump Lane Dividers

At Speed Humps Australia we are always trying to come up with new uses for our safety products. A recent installation at Primary Connect Distribution Centre at Heathwood proved the versatility of our products. In this instance, where safety on site is paramount, the Speed
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Rubber Wheel Stops Or Concrete Wheel Stops?

If you are in the market to get some traffic management solutions and you are not sure if you should be getting rubber wheel stops or concrete wheel stops, we have got the answers that you need. Should I Buy Rubber Wheel Stops Or Concrete
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