Stay up to date with the latest road safety and traffic management tips and advice from Speed Humps Australia including industry applications, changes to legislation and technology developments.

custom speed hump length | speed bump dimensions | Speed Humps Australia

Speed Bump Dimensions and Design: Your Questions Answered

One of the things we most frequently get asked about our products is what they are made of, whether they comply with Australian standards and what the standard sizes are. Producing high-quality, durable, cost-effective speed humps is something we live and breathe so we thought

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Speed Hump | Speed Humps Australia FAQ

Speed Humps Australia Frequently Asked Questions

Often when we get enquiries from potential new customers, they have a number of questions regarding Speed Humps Australia products and level of service. We’re always more than happy to answer any queries and you’ll find many of our most frequently asked questions outlined on

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fundamentally stable parking bay | mine site safety | Speed Humps Australia

Using Rumble Bars To Assist Mine Site Safety

We regularly supply a number of mine sites with our products to create what is known as ‘Fundamentally Stable Parking Bays.’ Mine site safety is paramount for most mining companies and that includes all areas of the mine including parking areas. Generally on mine sites

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rubber rumble bars applications | Speed Humps Australia

Everything You Need To Know About Rubber Rumble Bars

Everything You Need To Know About Rubber Rumble Bars (But Were Afraid To Ask!) When you work with a product all day, every day you sometimes make assumptions that everyone knows what you are talking about when you drop it into conversation. At Speed Humps

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Traffic Management Solutions | Speed Humps Australia

5 Traffic Management Solutions That Help Road Safety

With road safety regularly in the news at the moment and initiatives such as Fatality Free Friday recently,  it will come as no surprise to know that there are many traffic management solutions increasingly being used by Australian road engineers to try and increase road

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Rubber Speed Humps and Bumps - Buyers Guid

Rubber Speed Humps – A buyers guide

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of rubber speed humps they are cost effective, long lasting, environmentally-friendly and sound absorbing.
They are also easy to install as they are pre-shaped to standard sizes to meet industry standards and are typically bolted down, making them easier to install or remove.

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Perfect rumble bar to keep cyclists safe and drivers happy

We teamed up with a local council to design new rumble bars and keep cyclists’ safe for years to come. As the Ride2Work national cycle reaches record registrations, it’s clear that like it or not cycling is here to stay – cycling is the on-trend activity.

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Which is the Most Fuel Efficient, Air Con or Open Window?

Many people love to enjoy the summer breeze by driving along with the car windows down but is it better for your wallet to close up the windows and switch on the air con? Since summer is usually the time when people tend to go away holiday, it’s a good idea to know which option can save you money at the pump.

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