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The Parkside complex uses Speed Humps Australia

Body Corporate Decision Gives Pedestrians a Chance

Body Corporates and Unit Managers need to consider not just their residents but also the public at large. Vehicles entering or leaving a unit complex must give way to pedestrians using the footpath. Many Body Corporates are becoming aware of their responsibility when it comes to these critical crossings and taking action.

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Do Road Rules Apply Inside Gated Communities?

A gated community refers to any type of estate whereby security measures regulate the entrance, and thus section off the internal roads from the main traffic areas. This includes golf estates, retirement villages, townhouse complexes, and housing estates. There appears to be a lot of confusion regarding the application of road rules within these areas.

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cars in apartment building car park | strata managers challenges | Speed Humps Australia

3 Safety Challenges For Strata Managers With Resident Families

Growth in residential complexes is forecast to surge still further in the next 5 years, particularly in northern New South Wales, southern Queensland and Central Victoria. The changing nature and profile of residents will, no doubt, present some challenges for property and strata managers.

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wheel stop and rumble bars in parking bays | car parking safety products | Speed Humps Australia

Car Parking Safety Products That Enhance Pedestrian Safety

Speed Humps Australia is proud of the role our products play in ensuring vehicle and pedestrian safety in a huge variety of environments. From slowing the speed of traffic on roads or work sites through the installation of speed humps to car parking safety products

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Temporary speed humps on work site | Speed Humps Australia

Temporary Speed Humps Providing Work Site Safety

At Speed Humps Australia, we regularly get enquiries to supply and install temporary speed humps at work sites, particularly when it is close to a busy road with site workers, pedestrians and motorists all in close proximity. One such recent project was at Pensar Infrastructure‘s

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custom speed hump length | speed bump dimensions | Speed Humps Australia

Speed Bump Dimensions and Design: Your Questions Answered

One of the things we most frequently get asked about our products is what they are made of, whether they comply with Australian standards and what the standard sizes are. Producing high-quality, durable, cost-effective speed humps is something we live and breathe so we thought

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Speed Hump | Speed Humps Australia FAQ

Speed Humps Australia Frequently Asked Questions

Often when we get enquiries from potential new customers, they have a number of questions regarding Speed Humps Australia products and level of service. We’re always more than happy to answer any queries and you’ll find many of our most frequently asked questions outlined on

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fundamentally stable parking bay | mine site safety | Speed Humps Australia

Using Rumble Bars To Assist Mine Site Safety

We regularly supply a number of mine sites with our products to create what is known as ‘Fundamentally Stable Parking Bays.’ Mine site safety is paramount for most mining companies and that includes all areas of the mine including parking areas. Generally on mine sites

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