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Wheel Stops

Our Wheel Stops

Speed Humps Australia wheel stops are of a tried and true design and manufacturing process.


We have worked tirelessly to develop specifications that do not fade or deteriorate, are easy to install, and are made from high-quality, recycled rubber for minimal environmental impact.


Wheel stoppers manufactured from 100% recycled tyres.

Rubber wheel stops are ideal for the effective delineation of parking spaces and for use in the protection of walls, vehicles and other valuables in all garages and parking surfaces.


Why rubber wheel stops?

  • Superior construction & durability means these wheel stops will not warp, crack, chip or rot.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and can be installed by one person.
  • Yellow reflectors for increased visibility.
  • Approximately 1/5th the weight of concrete.
  • Greatly reduces transport and handling costs.
  • Resistant to U.V., moisture, oil and extreme temperature variations.
  • Flexible, allowing for conformity to contour on virtually any road surface.
  • Easy installation with Polyurethane adhesive or 30cm Rebar Spikes.

Shopping centres, apartments, airports, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, schools, public and private parking lots, restaurants and train stations are all ideal locations for installation.