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Effective Speed Humps Enhancing Road Safety

Effective Speed Humps: Enhancing Road Safety

Speed humps are not merely traffic-calming devices; they are powerful tools for enhancing road safety. When strategically placed, speed humps serve as physical and visual reminders to drivers, compelling them to reduce speed and exercise caution, especially in areas where safety is paramount. Speed Humps
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Northlakes Commercial Plastic Speed Hump Installation

Plastic Speed Humps in Commercial Complex

A simple, yet effective Speed Hump installation at a North Lakes commercial complex. The complex has access from 2 streets which means there is plenty of traffic using this driveway as a thoroughfare or shortcut. The brief was simple, slow the traffic traversing through the
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Primary Connect Heavy Vehicle Lane Divider Speed Hump

Speed Hump Lane Dividers

At Speed Humps Australia we are always trying to come up with new uses for our safety products. A recent installation at Primary Connect Distribution Centre at Heathwood proved the versatility of our products. In this instance, where safety on site is paramount, the Speed
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Speed humps at Toyota car dealership

Car Dealerships Benefit from Speed Humps

Car dealerships, selling both new and used vehicles, can be very busy at times with large volumes of traffic passing through and around the site. These vehicles are being driven by customers and visitors to site, dealership and service staff and various local delivery drivers.

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