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slow down painted on tarmac | impact of lowering road speed limits | SHA

Does Lowering Speed Limits Save Lives?

It’s continually being drummed into us to keep to the speed limit when driving because if you go over it you’ll be more at risk of killing yourself, other drivers and pedestrians. Basically the faster you go, the bigger the mess.

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Positive Impacts of Speed Humps

The benefits of speed humps appears to be a largely debated topic, with many people focusing more on the negative aspects instead of the positive safety precautions and the effectiveness of speed bumps in residential neighbourhoods. Some skeptics argue that speed humps cause vehicle damage
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speed humps avoid car damage and gutter rash at drive throughs

Drive Through Solutions To Avoid Gutter Rash & Car Damage

The next innovation in drive-through car safety is using rumble bars along the roadway to alert drivers that they are too close to the kerbside. Rumble bars help avoid a car getting gutter rash on the wheels as well as helping keep the vehicle a safe distance from the building itself.

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pedestrian sign in a car park | pedestrian safety | Speed Huumps Australia

Pedestrian Safety in Car Parks

Pedestrians represent approximately 14% of the total national road toll, accounting for 174 fatalities in 2018. When you consider that over the last 10 years there has been a 24% increase in the number of registered vehicles in Australia, the possibility of accidents involving pedestrians
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traffic calming devices on a bend | speed humps australia

How Traffic Calming Helps Road Safety

Australian road engineers use a number of traffic calming measures to slow down or reduce traffic to improve safety. Some of the most common physical means include roundabouts, chicanes, speed humps, rumble bars and lane dividers.

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streams of light from vehicles on freeway| road safety australia | Speed Humps Australia

Road Safety Innovations

Protecting yourself on the highway, whether you’re a road worker or a driver, is a lot easier these days with the help of modern personal protective gear and road safety equipment. We take a look at some useful road safety innovations out there which have
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The Perfect Solution To Easy Parking

Do you have a tight parking space for your car? Maybe a garage with a few potential obstacles to avoid? If you’re fed up with minor bumps or scratches from scuffing the walls or hitting objects in your parking space, we’ve come up with the
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man driving | Australian new road rules in 2020 | Speed Humps Australia

Australian New Road Rules For 2020

Following our last blog about Queensland parking rules that you might not be aware of, this month we thought we’d highlight some of the new or updated driving legislation that has been introduced in Australia in 2020. It can be hard to keep up with

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bike near a no parking sign | Queensland parking rules | Speed Humps Australia

Queensland Parking Rules You Should Know

We often get asked whether it’s legal to park on a speed hump. We thought it would be useful to summarise the Queensland parking rules you may not know but should to save you the grief and expense of an unnecessary parking fine.

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