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TMAA 2023 – What’s On

The 2023 TMAA conference is fast approaching. The premier traffic management conference is making its way to the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast on March 23 and 24. This year the conference will be visited by expert speakers who will be making
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The Stages Of Transport Planning

When it comes to transport planning, you must have a sound understanding of the different stages that may be involved in this process. Especially if you want to develop long-lasting solutions to any transport issues you face. The Different Stages of Transport Planning Explained Although
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How Recycling Rubber Is Great For The Environment

It is becoming increasingly important to mitigate the harm they cause to the planet and one of the ways that Speed Humps Australia has been working towards creating a greener tomorrow is by recycling rubber to create 2.7-meter and 3.2-meter speed humps. We would like
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National Plan For Road Safety In 2023

Although Australia has long prioritised road safety at federal and state level, what types of initiatives and programs are on the cards for 2023? Over the past decade, more than 12,000 people have died on Australia’s roads, with 1,127 of those fatalities happening in 2021
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What Is The Purpose Of A Wheel Stop

While they don't traditionally gain a lot of attention as a road safety measure, understanding the role of a wheel stop can help people to realise their worth. As a general rule, commercial car parks cover land and buildings used primarily for parking cars, taxis
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Why Are Speed Humps A Good Idea

Although the internet can sometimes deliver some pretty puzzling and contradictory results, are speed humps a good idea for improving long term road safety? While speed humps have been used for road safety since the early seventies, recent years have seen new conversations surrounding these
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Why We Need Suburban Speed Humps

With hundreds of new suburbs popping up all over the nation every year, keeping our residential streets safe with speed humps is more important than ever. With housing availability - or a lack thereof - dominating the headlines, an increasing number of Australian families are
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Why Cycle Safety Matters On The Road

With millions of us now riding to work instead of driving or catching public transport, it's more relevant than ever to remember why cycle safety matters.   While learning how to ride the humble bicycle is a right of passage for most of us at around
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