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Why We Need Suburban Speed Humps

With hundreds of new suburbs popping up all over the nation every year, keeping our residential streets safe with speed humps is more important than ever. With housing availability - or a lack thereof - dominating the headlines, an increasing number of Australian families are
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Why Cycle Safety Matters On The Road

With millions of us now riding to work instead of driving or catching public transport, it's more relevant than ever to remember why cycle safety matters.   While learning how to ride the humble bicycle is a right of passage for most of us at around
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How To Request Speed Humps In Your Street

Although speed humps are deployed in a wide range of settings, did you know that it's well within your power to request them for your neighbourhood streets? All over Australia, there are pockets of tight knit communities that populate the suburbs. In fact, many would
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The Future Of Road Safety In Australia

So long as bullet trains remain a pipe dream, driving will be the primary mode of transport for a while yet - but what is the future of road safety in Australia?  Tragically, just under 45,000 Australians are seriously injured on the road every year.
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Why School Traffic Management Plans Matter

When we send our kids off to get an education, we expect that their safety is a top priority - so having a school traffic management plan in place is a must.  The emotional rollercoaster of sending your children off to school doesn’t get any
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What is the function of a Speed Hump?

While speed humps are devices that all Australian drivers encounter multiple times a week, not so many know how these traffic calming products actually work.  As drivers, one of the first laws that we become familiar with is the speed limit. We know that every
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Three Common Traffic Calming Devices

As the name would suggest, traffic calming devices use physical goods and other measures to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists alike. As speed is the primary factor in most vehicle accidents, it's known to increase both risk and severity. As drivers move faster,
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Body Corporate By Laws For Parking

As a general rule, body corporate by laws are designed and put in place to prioritise the safety of residents - so what are the rules when it comes to parking? Unlike the individual land title that new home owners take possession of when they
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When To Replace Existing Speed Humps

Although speed humps are renowned for their durability and resilience, it's important to know the signs on when they might need repairing or even replacing.  Speed is the primary factor in most vehicle accidents, and it’s known to increase both risk and severity. As drivers
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