Stay up to date with the latest road safety and traffic management tips and advice from Speed Humps Australia including industry applications, changes to legislation and technology developments.

Best Countries for Road Safety

Planning to head overseas and do a road trip? Before you book your rental car, check out if the country you’re visiting is known for its road safety – if not you might be better off getting around by train or local bus. Here are a few countries that have some of the lowest road fatalities in the world.

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Another great initiative by our local councils

The Speed Humps still allow larger vehicles, such as buses and trucks to pass while slowing all traffic entering and exiting the roundabouts. Councils have trialled this use of Speed Humps successfully, and it is now being rolled out across a number of “problem” roundabouts.

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Methods of Making Roads Safer for Pedestrians

In Australia, pedestrian fatalities and hospitalisations make up around 12 percent of the road toll. Older people and children under 10 are particularly high-risk sectors and vulnerable in areas where cars and people overlap.

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Tesla’s Affordable Electric Car (Coming Soon)

Owning an electric car will become more affordable in the next few years according to electric vehicle (EV) specialists Tesla. The California-based carmaker has announced that they are planning on producing a cheaper EV to target the average household.

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Australia’s Safest and Worst Cars

Safety technology has improved markedly over the years and with so many 4 and 5-star cars available on the market why risk your safety with a car rated 1 or 2 stars? Every year hundreds of vehicle makes and models undergo crash testing by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

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Apps to Stop Your Teenager Texting While Driving

While there are many kinds of helpful apps on the market for iOS and Android, there are some that could save a life. We’re referring to apps that have been developed to inhibit teenagers from texting while driving (something many adults are also guilty of).

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