5 Traffic Management Solutions That Help Road Safety

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With road safety regularly in the news at the moment and initiatives such as Fatality Free Friday recently,  it will come as no surprise to know that there are many traffic management solutions increasingly being used by Australian road engineers to try and increase road safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. All too frequently accidents occur when vehicles are required to pass in close proximity to pedestrians or cyclists. Some examples of this are in restaurant drive-thrus or shopping centre car parks. So what are the most common traffic management solutions being adopted?

Common Traffic Management Solutions For Road Safety

Some of the most frequent physical measures being implemented to reduce speed include roundabouts, speed humps, chicanes, rumble bars and lane dividers. In addition, you’re probably seeing a few more roadside speed monitors appear that alert you to your speed as you pass them.

We’ve listed below the top 5 devices that can be used to reduce speed by anywhere between 10 and 40 km/h and lessen the risk of accidents. While in the past many of these tools were made of concrete or asphalt, nowadays they can be made from durable rubber, which protects vehicles from damage but achieves the same result.

Speed HumpsSmall and effective speed reducers, usually used for very low-speed areas like carparks. They are rounded and span the width of the road, used on residential streets.

Speed Cushions: Two or three speed humps placed in a line across the road.

Speed Tables: A wide speed hump with a flat top, typically used in residential areas and for pedestrian crossings.

Rumble Bars: Sometimes known as ‘Pavement Bars’, they alert drivers to approaching intersections, crossing shoulder, centreline and lane departure areas.

Wheel StopsGenerally used in car parks to prevent cars from rolling.

Some of the most common high-risk places where these traffic management solutions are deployed are near schools, built-up residential areas, aged care homes, drive-thru restaurants and well-known crash spots.

As well as national and state-wide campaigns to improve driver awareness of the need to reduce speed, local councils are also actively engaged in trying to employ simple cost-effective measures to reduce accidents. Speed Humps Australia has worked extensively with Logan City Council, for example, to apply our speed hump technology to rumble bars and we now proudly support many other local councils in improving road safety for all users.

There are so many applications of this technology to assist with speed management. If you are interested in finding out more about how Speed Humps Australia can help your business to minimise the risk of accidents, give us a call today on 1300 138 568 or contact us for a quote.

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