Rubber Speed Humps – A buyers guide

Rubber Speed Humps – A buyers guide
Rubber Speed Humps and Bumps - Buyers Guid

Rubber Speed Humps and Bumps – Buyers Guide


You’ve probably heard about the benefits of rubber speed humps they are cost effective, long lasting, environmentally-friendly and sound absorbing.
They are also easy to install as they are pre-shaped to standard sizes to meet industry standards and are typically bolted down, making them easier to install or remove.


Rubber Speed Humps aren’t made equal! In fact poor quality speed bumps plague roads and annoy councils, car park owners and drivers alike.
On of the biggest issues with poor quality speed humps is that they are made from granulated rubber and filled with string and plastic. You should select a high quality bump that won’t rot, crack or warp. Not to mention, poorly designed speed bumps may be difficult to navigate for vehicles with low ground clearance, even at very low speeds. Many sports cars have this problem with speed bumps. Rubber speed bumps can also pose serious hazards to motorcyclists and bicyclists if they aren’t clearly visible. That’s why a good quality speed bump will have the yellow moulded in not painted on, so it won’t wear away over time.
We’ve created this simple infographic to help you on your quest for the key features you should look for in Rubber Speed Humps.