Everything You Need To Know About Rubber Rumble Bars

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Everything You Need To Know About Rubber Rumble Bars (But Were Afraid To Ask!)

When you work with a product all day, every day you sometimes make assumptions that everyone knows what you are talking about when you drop it into conversation. At Speed Humps Australia, rubber rumble bars are one of the products where we know everything there is to know! So we thought we would share a few of the most commonly asked questions about this humble traffic calming device so you can begin to share our enthusiasm for the numerous applications rubber rumble bars can be used for.

What Is A Rubber Rumble Bar?

A rubber rumble bar, sometimes known as  a rumble strip or pavement bar is most often used on the centreline of a road or on the shoulder to alert drivers that they have veered off-course and they have proved to be a very effective traffic calming and road safety measure. As the name implies they work due to the noise that tyres make as they drive over them and the slight judder that the driver feels through the steering wheel and suspension.

Are Rumble Bars Bad For Your Car?

The simple answer is no. Their use is generally limited to specific stretches of a road or in limited spaces where drives need to be alert to specific hazards.

What Are Rumble Bars Made From?

Speed Humps Australia rumble bars are of a tried and true design and manufacturing process and made from 100% recycled tyres. We have worked tirelessly to develop specifications that do not fade or deteriorate, are easy to install, and are made from high-quality, recycled rubber for minimal environmental impact.

How Else Can Rubber Rumble Bars Be Used?

We are now seeing myriad uses for this simple, cost-effective device as people begin to see the uses and benefits of them, particularly in tight spaces such as car parks and drive thru’ restaurants.

A vehicle-friendly driver-alert system, rubber rumble bars are suitable for use as lane dividers or delineators, merging lanes and crossing guides but as highlighted in our of our recent blogs they have also been used innovatively as bunding and are also increasingly being used in new drive-thru construction to help protect cars from gutter rash.

Are Rubber Rumble Bars Easy To Install?

Yes – very! In fact, the rumble bars we manufacture, come with heavy duty bolt holes with a rubber seat and can be glued or bolted to practically any surface and come in a variety of sizes.

If you have any questions about rumble bars that we haven’t answered, be sure to drop us an email: [email protected] and we’ll be happy to explain.

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