Rumble Bars As Effective Lane Dividers

Logan city council speed humps

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Logan city council speed humpsDriving has become one of the essential skills for surviving in today’s fast-paced modern world. Regardless of whether you’re in your native country or in a foreign location, getting around town is much more convenient if you know how to handle a vehicle to get yourself from place to place whenever you need to.

While utilising public transportation is generally considered a cheaper and more environmentally friendly means of going places, there’s no doubt that more people enjoy the advantages of driving one’s own car:

  • you have privacy and comfort,
  • you can follow your own travel schedule,
  • you can go directly from one address to another instead of getting off at the closest stop and walking the rest of the way.

Of course, driving your own car is also a huge responsibility. You need to master the use of your car so that you can maximise fuel efficiency. You must have extensive knowledge of the universal traffic signs and signals so that you can get from place to place without committing traffic violations. And more importantly, you need to be a responsible motorist, fully aware that you share the road with the rest of the world, so that you do not pose a danger to yourself and to other motorists.

It’s certainly a good thing that there are plenty of innovations that have been introduced to help drivers (of cars, big and small trucks, SUVs, and such), cyclists, and even pedestrians observe proper road practices and behaviour. Because roads are shared spaces, people need to know how to navigate them effectively, and fortunately there are traffic control provisions like Rumble Bars, often referred to as Pavement Bars that can help people in a number of ways.

Rumble Bars are high-visibility traffic control features that are popularly used all over Australia. These are surface-mounted units that come in highly visual yellow or white colours and are typically made with recycled rubber; this makes them especially heavy-duty and long-wearing — built to endure contact with vehicular traffic of all kinds without loosening or breaking.

Yellow and white rubber rumble barsRumble bars effectively alert road users to their surroundings. Primarily, they are used as bicycle lane dividers, parking guides, hazard markers and traffic directional markers. Being brightly coloured, they provide visual (as well as audible) warnings of hazardous conditions ahead or prepare drivers for unexpected traffic conditions, such as construction areas. There are plenty of other applications, too — rumble bars can also be used as wheel stops, parking stops, lane guides, roundabout crossing deterrents, and pedestrian cross walk zone warning indicators.

These traffic control features are ideal for use for centre line, median, edge marking and line marking traffic islands.  They are also easily visible at night because they are fitted with reflectors. They can be easily glued or screwed into place. Thanks to rumble bars from reputable companies such as Speed Humps Australia, drivers can become fully responsible citizens who do their part in making the busiest roads safe places for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Available for immediate supply, call Speed Humps Australia on 1300 138 568 to arrange your delivery and remember we also do installations. FREE Delivery on orders over 100 units.

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