Advantages of Highly Visible Rumble Bars

Rumble bar lane dividers

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Council Roads Benefit From Using Highly Visual, Yellow Rumble Bars With Reflectors To Alert Traffic

lcc-white-rumble-bar-lane-dividersAuthorities must constantly balance the need to improve the flow of traffic while ensuring the safety of all road users including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. As such, those in charge of council roads utilise a variety of tools and strategies including barriers, lane separators, lane dividers, reflective pavement markers, speed humps and rumble bars.

Rumble bars are widely used in a variety of institutions including shopping centres, factories, car parks, hospitals, secured estates, resorts, drive-in fast food outlets, parks and airports. They are also popularly used in council roads for their versatility and durability. Made of recycled rubber, they can take a serious beating from just about any level of traffic. And unlike other rumble devices, they can absorb noise, making them suitable for urban areas.

Rumble bar devices are typically used to alert inattentive, drowsy and distracted drivers through noise and vibration. There are instances where drivers may not be aware of road hazards and the best way to notify them is with these. Yellow rumble bars with reflectors allow motorists to also be alerted visually prior to moving into a bend or junction. In some areas, they are used to reduce the speed of vehicles or upon entry into shared use roads. Areas with bicycle lanes utilise rumble bars to allow cyclists to easily cross.

Rumble bars offer several advantages:

  • They can be used both as a visual and physical deterrent especially in areas with fast moving traffic or areas utilised for illegal drag racing.
  • They can be installed in basically any location in less than an hour. Installation typically involves checking the location where they are going to be installed as well as determining the position and measurement. They are installed by drilling and insertion of fasteners.
  • On public roads, they are perfect for managing speed and risk.
  • Because of their durability, they are a cost-effective solution that can be used for various applications.
  • They are made of recycled materials, and are perfectly suited for councils and private institutions with an ecological advocacy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASafety is the primary concern of every road user, from the family riding an SUV en route to the local shopping centre, to the cargo truck delivering its goods, to the cyclist on the way to work, to pedestrians and even local authorities. Utilising various strategies and tools ensures the safety of everyone and prevents road accidents which affect each and every one who passes by.

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