Child Safety Improved at Child Care Centres

Sesame Lane Child Care pedestrian crossing

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Child Safety Improved  with Speed Humps at Child Care Centres

“I’m lucky to be alive.” 

“I just stepped out and… well, you don’t expect some clown to be speeding through a Child Care Centre.”

“You should stop people racing through here before a child ends up in hospital… or worse.”

Sound familiar? If you could find an easy, quiet, cost effective way to slow traffic in your child care centre you’d do it – right? Well, here it is – rubber humps from Speed Humps Australia. sesame-lane-child-care-pedestrian-crossing-protected-by-speed-humps-australia

Our product is a unique, long-lasting modular speed hump made from sound-absorbent yellow and black recycled rubber. It can be fitted to most surfaces in 30 minutes and because it is modular, the speed hump will fit in most locations.

Insurance companies and accountants love our speed humps! Installing speed humps may help to reduce your public liability insurance premiums, and because our hump is regarded as ‘removable’, your accountant may wish to claim depreciation. Also, the Department of Workplace Health & Safety encourages the installation of speed humps as speed management systems. installing-speed-humps-to-improve-safety-at-child-care-centres

You can’t miss our speed humps! The light activated reflectors and bright yellow stripes make each hump a highly visible speeding deterrent – and because the yellow is impregnated in the rubber and not just painted on, it’ll take ‘forever’ to wear off in traffic.

You’ll protect your children, save lives, reduce your insurance risk and save money with Speed Humps Australia.


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