Plastic Speed Humps in Commercial Complex

Northlakes Commercial Plastic Speed Hump Installation

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A simple, yet effective Speed Hump installation at a North Lakes commercial complex.

The complex has access from 2 streets which means there is plenty of traffic using this driveway as a thoroughfare or shortcut. The brief was simple, slow the traffic traversing through the property to a safe speed and hopefully deter a few of the rat runners at the same time.

In this instance we used a 60MM high flat top plastic, or polyethylene, speed hump. Reasons being, it is a little higher and more aggressive than the standard 50MM Speed Hump, without being to high that it catches or damages vehicles passing over the hump.

The Speed Hump was installed across the full width of the driveway to ensure there was no way to round the edges and continue to carry speed through the complex.

This was a very standard installation that was performed without closing the driveway for any period of time, allowing customers to continue to use the driveway.

Installation time for this is approximately 60 mins.

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Speed Humps Australia was formed to provide innovative solutions to speed management in commercial and retail car parks where pedestrians and vehicles are in close proximity to one another. We are dedicated to bringing you expertise to provide solutions to all your traffic control and parking related needs.

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