Speed Humps Used to Slow Delivery Vehicles in Rear Lane Access

Speed humps used for safety in rear lane access areas

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Speed humps used for safety in rear lane access areas Lane ways and rear access delivery areas are often forgotten when it comes to speed management planning. These areas can sometimes be the most dangerous as they are out of site and therefore out of mind.

Speed Humps placed at the entrance and exit of this access lane and spaced accordingly for longer access ways reduces vehicle speeds creating a much safer environment.

These access or delivery lanes are usually a single one-way access and hence a single 2.7M Speed Hump is sufficient. In situations where there is a double access lane way, 2 options are available:

  • Option 1: A single Speed Hump of either 5.7M or 6.2M spanning across both lanes
  • Option 2: 2 standard length Speed Humps placed in each lane

The advantage with the second option is that there is a clear designation on the 2 lanes and the speed humps can be staggered to allow fork lift access if required.

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