Speed Humps

You can rely on the tried and true speed hump design and manufacturing process by Speed Humps Australia. Our speed humps do not fade or deteriorate, are easy to install, and are made from high-quality, recycled rubber for minimal environmental impact.

Our Speed Humps

Unlike others, our yellow colour is moulded-in, not painted-on, eliminating colour fade over time.

The speed hump design has been developed to provide the ideal solution to traffic management and road safety by reducing speeding and alerting motorists to potential hazards.

They can be adjusted to any length and fitted to virtually any surface, improving road safety, effectively managing traffic and reducing speed.?


Strategically positioned Speed Humps slow traffic and can be used to prevent traffic regaining speed, assisting in providing a safe environment for both other vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Why Rubber Speed Humps?

Cost Effective

Long Lasting

Sound absorbing

Very visual yellow & black rubber


recycled rubber

Engineered to withstand vehicles travelling at speed, speed Humps promote road safety by providing a visual and physical barrier.

Government and Traffic authorities spend countless sums of money promoting the deadly consequences of speed and our Speed Humps provide a cost effective means to ensure drivers reduce speed and also serve as an effective traffic management system in pedestrian and work areas.

Speed humps in any length are your solution to traffic control inside your factories, shopping centres, car parks, hospitals, industrial estates, schools, universities, government buildings, retirement villages, service stations, laneways, secured estates, at stop signs, caravan parks, resorts, drive-in fast food outlets, clubs, multistorey car parking stations, child care centres, sporting venues, parks and airports.

…just about anywhere!

Installed in
just 30 minutes!

Installation of our rubber Speed Humps is a simple and effective procedure that can be completed in 30 minutes. Use of a combination of fasteners and adhesive, guarantees the speed hump will not move and allows traffic to flow immediately installation is complete.

Speed Humps Australia can install them on site for you, alternatively all fixing bolts and instructions can be provided for self-installation.

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