Positive Impacts of Speed Humps

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sign saying speed hump | effectiveness of speed bumps in residential neighbourhoods | speed humps australia The benefits of speed humps appears to be a largely debated topic, with many people focusing more on the negative aspects instead of the positive safety precautions and the effectiveness of speed bumps in residential neighbourhoods.

Some skeptics argue that speed humps cause vehicle damage and are associated with back injury and driver discomfort. They even go as far as to say that speed humps prolong the response time of emergency vehicles.

And while these arguments may have relevance, it is also important to understand that the unique design of each speed hump plays a key role in whether the speed hump is deemed as a positive or negative feature.

At Speed Humps Australia, we have spent a lot of time perfecting the curvature of our speed humps to ensure that they are an effective speed management device while still providing driver comfort. The specific elements of the design such as the height, cross section, ramp angle, and markings on all of our speed humps comply with Australian Standards.

The Effectiveness Of Speed Bumps In Residential Neighbourhoods

  • Identified Black Spots are extremely hazardous and place everyone at severe risk. The use of speed humps in these areas has been reported to significantly reduce that risk.
  • Speed humps effectively reduce travelling speeds, thus reducing the number of collisions.
  • Speed humps are temporary and can be easily relocated if required.
  • Speed humps are an effective traffic calming measure in shopping centre parking areas, around schools, and in residential communities.
  • Our speed humps are made from environmentally-friendly recycled rubber that not only provides effective sound absorption, but is also specifically used to prevent damage to vehicles.
  • Our ‘yellow’ is not painted on, it is actually moulded into the rubber, which means that our speed humps won’t fade and are highly visible in any weather condition.

It is also important to note that if speed humps are approached at the correct speed – which is usually benchmarked at 10kph – there should not be any resulting driver discomfort or vehicle damage at all. As already mentioned, the height and curvature of our speed humps has been critically assessed to ensure that our speed humps only provide the required positive effects without any of the negative ones.

Speed Humps Australia promotes road safety by providing a well-engineered visual and physical speed barrier. Your safety is our concern and we are 100% committed to producing the highest quality speed humps that will assist in providing a safe environment for you and your family.

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