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Bicycle Lanes Use Rumble Bars To Improve Safety

Bicycle Lanes Use Rumble Bars To Improve Safety

speed-humps-cycleFrom road bikes and fixies, to vintage cruisers and BMXs, bicycles have fast become popular among urban dwellers. Whether it’s going to be used for a quick trip to the grocery store or as a primary mode of transportation on the way to work, cycling offers several benefits.

  • Cycling allows cities to decongest traffic. As more people lessen their dependence on their sedans and SUVs, roads become less congested.
  • Cycling is a fun and easy way to exercise. As people utilise their two-wheelers as a primary mode of transportation, they can easily burn calories.
  • Cycling is also an easy way for people to help improve the environment. Because bicycles rely on muscle power, they do not emit noxious gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

But just like other road users, cyclists have to face a considerable amount of risks despite the wide availability of safety gear. As compared to drivers of motorised vehicles, cyclists barely have a fighting chance against a car cruising at top speed.

In order to remedy this, Rumble Bars are now widely used in both local council and main roads in order to improve the flow of traffic and improve safety, especially in designated bicycle lanes.

One of the leading causes of accidents against cyclists is drivers drifting off the road. As such, Rumble Bars can prove to be an effective yet affordable solution. Rumble Bar devices are installed on roads primarily for drivers who may get drowsy or distracted easily. With the noise and vibration created by rumble bar devices, drivers are warned at once and given the opportunity to make the appropriate corrective measures should they drift off the road. In addition to this, rumble devices can prove to be a reliable navigational aid especially during inclement weather when visibility is low.

In installing these devices, it is crucial to take into consideration various road users, from passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Cyclists, in particular, can be greatly affected by the installation of these devices. As such, there are a variety of measures to accommodate cyclists. First, widening the shoulders of roads can help improve safety among road users, but more especially for cyclists. Preferably, the distance between the shoulder and the rumble device should be at least one meter. If guard rails or similar devices are used, the width should be further increased.

Should there be paved shoulders allocated for cyclists, recurring short gaps should be placed between rumble strip patterns to allow bike riders to move from one side of the rumble device to another. Other modifications to consider are increases in centre to centre spacing, colour of the product (either yellow or white) and reduction in depth and width of the Rumble Bar device, supplied by Speed Humps Australia, to be used.