Rumble Bars for Cyclist Safety

From road bikes and fixies, to vintage cruisers and BMXs, bicycles have fast become popular among urban dwellers. Whether it’s going to be used for a quick trip to the grocery store or as a primary mode of transportation on the way to work, cycling offers several benefits.
Cycleway and Bike Lane Rumble Bars

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Bicycles have surged in popularity among urban dwellers, offering a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

From running errands to commuting to work, cycling offers a range of benefits, including reducing traffic congestion, providing a fun way to exercise, and contributing to a cleaner environment by emitting zero noxious gases.

However, despite the advantages, cyclists face risks on the road, especially when sharing the streets with motorized vehicles. To address this, Rumble Bars have become a widely adopted solution on local councils and main roads, particularly in designated bicycle lanes.

Rumble Bars serve as an effective yet affordable safety measure, particularly in combating accidents caused by drivers drifting off the road. These devices emit noise and vibration, alerting drivers who may be drowsy or distracted and allowing them to take corrective action promptly.

Additionally, Rumble Bars act as reliable navigational aids during low visibility conditions, such as inclement weather.

When installing Rumble Bars, it’s essential to consider the diverse needs of road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.Dunsborough WA Bike Lane Rumble Bars 1 (1) (1)


Measures must be taken to accommodate cyclists, such as widening road shoulders and ensuring adequate spacing between the Rumble Bars and cycling lanes. Short gaps between rumble strip patterns allow cyclists to maneuver safely, while adjustments in centre-to-centre spacing and colour options (yellow or white) further enhance safety and visibility.


Speed Humps Australia supplies high-quality Rumble Bar devices designed to enhance road safety for all users. With thoughtful installation and consideration for cyclists, Rumble Bars prove to be a valuable addition to traffic management solutions, promoting safer roads and better coexistence among road users.

Contact Speed Humps Australia today for all your Rumble Bar needs and questions.


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