Why Rubber Speed Humps Are The Smart Choice


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Engineered with enough strength to withstand the charge of fast-moving vehicles, speed humps emerge as the formidable guardians of road safety. And when it comes to safety, rubber speed humps are the clear champions. With their myriad benefits, including cost-effectiveness, visual appeal, longevity, reflectors, sound absorption, and use of recycled materials, these humps outshine traditional alternatives like concrete or bitumen.

  1. Cost-effective: Rubber speed humps present a cost-effective solution for traffic control and management. Their installation and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to other materials, such as concrete or bitumen. Moreover, their durability ensures reduced replacement and repair expenses over the long term.
  2. Very visual yellow and black rubber: One of the standout features of rubber speed humps is their striking yellow and black colour combination. This high-contrast visual scheme effectively catches the attention of drivers, providing a clear indication of the need to slow down.
  3. Long lasting: Rubber speed humps have longevity, thanks to their robust composition. Designed to withstand the daily onslaught of vehicles, these humps endure heavy traffic without compromising their effectiveness. Their resilient nature ensures they retain their shape and functionality for extended periods, offering a reliable and long-lasting solution for traffic control.
  4. Reflectors: To enhance visibility during low-light conditions, rubber speed humps are often equipped with reflectors. These reflective elements embedded in the humps significantly increase their visibility at night, improving safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.
  5. Sound absorbing: Unlike traditional materials such as plastic, concrete or bitumen, rubber speed humps possess unique sound-absorbing qualities. As vehicles traverse over these humps, the rubber material absorbs and dampens noise, preventing excessive noise pollution in surrounding areas. This feature makes rubber speed humps an ideal choice for locations where noise reduction is a priority, such as residential areas or hospital zones.
  6. Recycled rubber: Environmental sustainability is a key consideration in modern times, and rubber speed humps align perfectly with this ethos. Many speed humps are made from recycled rubber, providing a second life to discarded materials. By using recycled rubber, these speed humps contribute to waste reduction, resource conservation, and the promotion of a circular economy.
  7. Better than concrete or bitumen: Compared to traditional options like concrete or bitumen, rubber speed humps offer several advantages. Their flexibility and shock-absorbing properties ensure a smoother ride for vehicles, reducing the risk of damage to tyres, suspension systems, and the humps themselves. Additionally, the non-slip surface of rubber speed humps provides better traction, especially during wet conditions, enhancing overall road safety.

Rubber speed humps have emerged as the smart choice for enhancing road safety and traffic management. With their cost-effectiveness, high-visibility design, longevity, reflectors, sound absorption, and use of recycled materials, these humps surpass conventional options. By opting for rubber speed humps, communities and organisations can embrace a sustainable and efficient approach to road safety while reaping the benefits of a reliable and long-lasting solution.



Installed In Just 30 Minutes!

Installation of their rubber Speed Humps is a simple and effective procedure that can be completed in 30 minutes. The use of a combination of fasteners and adhesive guarantees the speed bump will not move and allows traffic to flow immediately after installation is complete.

Speed Humps Australia can install them on-site for you, alternatively all fixing bolts and instructions can be provided for self-installation.

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