Why Drive-Through Fast Food Chains Are Loving Our Rumble Bars and Speed Humps


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We love a good drive-through here in Australia. Who doesn’t love the convenience in this fast-paced world we live in? But an increase in drive-through restaurants means an increase in vehicle damage. Manoeuvring through narrow lanes can be a challenge, especially for larger vehicles, resulting in scratches and scrapes known as gutter rash. 

However, there is good news for drive-through enthusiasts as more fast-food outlets are implementing innovative measures to protect their customers’ cars. Let’s examine this growing trend of using rumble bars and speed humps to enhance car safety, improve the customer experience, and reduce vehicle damage.

Enhancing Safety and Preventing Gutter Rash

The introduction of rumble bars along the drive-through roadway has proven to be a game-changer. These bars act as alerts, notifying drivers when they are getting too close to the side. By running parallel to the kerb, rumble bars help prevent gutter rash, safeguarding wheels from unnecessary scratches. Furthermore, they serve the additional purpose of keeping the vehicle at a safe distance from the building itself, reducing the risk of accidents and property damage.

Protecting Vehicles and Improving Customer Experience

Drive-through restaurants understand the significance of providing a seamless and efficient experience to their customers. To achieve this, technological advancements and innovation have played a pivotal role, particularly in the ordering process. However, one aspect that frequently frustrates drive-through patrons is the potential for car damage while navigating the narrow drive-thru lane. Thankfully, an increasing number of restaurant owners are acknowledging the need for simple solutions to enhance safety and reduce stress.

Along with Rumble Bars, Speed Humps are also now being strategically installed at entrances and exits to the drive-through lane. These Speed Humps effectively discourage drivers from speeding, ensuring a controlled approach to the ordering windows. By moderating speed, collisions between vehicles can be avoided, preventing potential damages and improving overall safety.

The Impact on Property Protection

Rumble bars not only safeguard vehicles but also contribute to property protection. They act as guides, directing vehicles away from the side of the building, particularly near order kiosks and drive-through collection windows. By doing so, rumble bars minimise the risk of accidental collisions, preventing damage to the establishment and preserving its structural integrity.

The popularity of drive-through fast-food chains in Australia continues to soar, and with it, the need for enhanced safety measures become increasingly crucial. Rumble bars and speed humps have emerged as innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by both customers and restaurant owners. These measures not only protect vehicles from gutter rash and collisions but also contribute to a seamless and stress-free drive-through experience. As the industry embraces technology and innovation, drive-through enthusiasts can look forward to smoother and safer journeys, free from the worry of car damage.


It’s no wonder drive-through fast food chains are loving our Rumble Bars and Speed Humps.

Speed Humps Australia is a locally owned Australian business and therefore has the flexibility and desire to listen to the needs of local councils and businesses. We produce products that assist with the improvement of road safety and awareness across Australia.

Should there be other situations where our products – or a newly developed specific product – can be of use, we would be happy to work in partnership with you to find a solution.

To find out how Speed Humps Australia may be able to assist with making your property safer and easier to navigate for all those who visit, call us today on 1300 138 568.


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