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The 2023 TMAA conference is fast approaching. The premier traffic management conference is making its way to the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast on March 23 and 24. This year the conference will be visited by expert speakers who will be making presentations on a series of interesting and important topics. People with an interest in traffic management will have to leave room on their calendar to attend this event.

What We Are Excited To See at the TMAA 2023

Over the packed weekend, there will be many events at the TMAA annual conference that we think will spark the interest of anyone who is interested in the current state and future of traffic management.

“We all deserve a safe workplace”

The Chief Executive Officer for the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) Rob McInerney will be presenting a talk on how we all deserve a safe workplace.

Mr McInerney has won multiple awards throughout his career and has years of experience working on road assessment programs across the world. He also has experience working with political leaders and leaders in their field, making him an important figure in the community, and worth listening to.

An industry briefing from the Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads

Queensland’s Transport and Main Roads Minister, the Honourable Mark Bailey, will be presenting his annual industry briefing at the TMAA conference.

Part of his role as the Minister means he oversees Queensland’s state owned roads. During his time as the minister, he has been responsible for overseeing many large projects including the Bruce Highway upgrade, a multibillion-dollar upgrade to the M1, and managing bike and pedestrian safety programs.

His portfolio means he has a great span of influence regarding traffic management, which is why we are interested to hear his industry briefing. We are especially curious to see if he talks about the national plan for road safety.

The Conference Welcome

Early morning on Friday, Andrew White will be presenting a conference welcome and an update on the TMAA. Andrew has years of experience working in directing and management positions. His history working on committees and his reputation to negotiate with government and leading bodies means we will be listening intently to his welcome and the updates that he announces.

A panel discussion on safety

No conference would be complete without a panel discussion. The topic of this panel discussion is “Safety on sites internationally and here in Australia.”

The panelist that will be involved in this event is Andrew White, Felipe Almanza, Joseph Rosendaal, and Ryan Cooney. We are hopeful that the panel will in part talk about the future of road safety in Australia, as well as variables that are impacting traffic management.

Traffic control masterclass

Another event at the 2023 TMAA conference we are interested to see is the traffic controller masterclass by Chris Koniditsiotis. Mr Koniditsiotis has decades of experience in the infrastructure and transport industry and is sure to give an informative and interesting presentation.

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