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Rumble Bar Parking Guides

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Do you have a tight parking space for your car? Maybe a garage with a few potential obstacles to avoid?

If you’re fed up with minor bumps or scratches from scuffing the walls or hitting objects in your parking space, we’ve come up with the ideal solution!

The Speed Humps Australia Rumble Bar Parking Guide Kit is the perfect accessory for your home or office garage or parking space.

Positioned the correct distance from the garage wall this handy product will prevent your car from touching or hitting the wall of your parking garage or parking spot.

These 300MM yellow or white Rumble Bars are highly visual and easily spotted with the large reflectors as you pull into your parking space.

Line yourself up with the Rumble Bar Parking Guides as you pull into your parking space and gently pull up and rest against these Parking Guides at the perfect distance from the wall.


You will park in the correct spot every time! You can position them at any distance from the wall so that your car fits nicely into its parking bay. You can set them back a bit if you have room to allow for storage in front of the car or for you to be able to walk around your vehicle.

Either nose in or reverse it, you choose!

In the Rumble Bar Parking Guide Kit you will find:


You can either just place them on the garage floor, without using fixings or glue as a temporary measure that you can move for different length vehicles. Or you can fix them in place with either the fixing bolts supplied or the easier way is to use the supplied adhesive.


Never hit the garage wall again! They are ideal for either commercial or residential parking areas and make a great gift for anyone looking to protect their car or their garage wall. Order your Rumble Bar Parking Guide Kit today.


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