Rumble Strips

Everyone at Speed Humps Australia is happy to announce that we are now offering a new and great product to help you find traffic management solutions. Rumble strips are the latest product that we have added to our collection to help us ensure that we can cater to your every traffic management need.

What are rumble strips?

In essence, rumble strips serve to be more of a reminder than as a physical deterrent. And it is very likely that throughout your lifetime you have encountered many rumble strips without even realising what they were. Rumble strips consist of rows of raised markers that may be placed along the roadway to create vibrations and noise whenever the tyres of a vehicle make contact with them.

The goal of the rumble strips is for the vibration and noise they make to alert drivers that there is some form of change in the roadway they need to be aware of. These are the reasons why they are commonly used in merge lanes, motorways, and highways.

Also, the installation of rumble strips is a cost-effective method to reduce the number of road crashes and incidents, especially if you compare them to more costly ones like guard rails and crash walls.

This style of road strips is understood to be a safe and efficient method for traffic flow adjustment and to protect drivers and pedestrians in specific areas. However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that this method of traffic management will not be able to physically stop a vehicle from entering or leaving a certain area.

Rumble Bar Median Strip Hervey Bay Esplanade

Product Specifications

Special orders at different lengths or colours also available.

High quality recycled rubber

300mm or 600mm length x 170mm width x 50mm height

Heavy duty bolt holes with rubber seat

Glue or bolt to practically any surface.

Available in either white or yellow

Simple installation with bolts and washers supplied.

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