6.2m Rubber Speed Hump with Fixings

Our latest innovation: the premium 6.2M Round Top Rubber Speed Hump with fittings, designed to revolutionize traffic safety.

Crafted for durability and performance, this speed hump is engineered to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity while providing a smooth ride for all road users.

With its round-top design, this speed hump effectively reduces vehicle speeds, promoting safer driving.

Easy to install with included fixings guaranteeing top-tier performance and contributing to a secure road environment.

Ideal for areas near schools, homes, or businesses, this speed hump enhances safety by significantly improving pedestrian and driver safety, preventing accidents, and establishing a secure environment.

Choose Speed Humps Australia for your traffic control needs and experience superior products and customer service.

Invest in our 6.2M Round Top Rubber Speed Hump today to create safer, smoother, and more efficient roads.

Your commitment to safety starts here.

$1,129.04 inc. GST


Introducing our 6.2M Rubber Speed Hump with Fixings, a reliable solution designed to enhance traffic management and promote road safety.

These Speed Humps offer numerous advantages, making them indispensable for various applications.

Cost-Effective and Durable:


Our Rubber Speed Humps provide an economical means of regulating vehicle speed while ensuring long-lasting performance.

Crafted from high-quality rubber materials, they are built to withstand daily wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Environmentally Friendly:


Made from sustainable materials, our Rubber Speed Humps contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing the use of fresh resources.

This eco-friendly approach aligns with global efforts towards more sustainable practices in traffic management.

Enhanced Road Safety:


With their bright yellow and black design, our Rubber Speed Humps offer greater visibility on the road, effectively warning drivers to slow down and maneuver safely. They serve as a distinct physical and visual barrier, significantly improving road safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Versatile Applications:


Our Rubber Speed Humps are suitable for a wide range of settings, including factories, malls, parking lots, hospitals, schools, and airports. Their adaptability and versatility make them an ideal choice for managing traffic in various environments.

Efficient Traffic Management:


Strategically placed, our Rubber Speed Humps effectively limit vehicle speed, ensuring safer driving conditions in critical areas. They serve as gentle reminders for drivers to slow down and prevent vehicles from resuming high speeds, making them essential for traffic control.

Whether in urban or industrial settings, our 6.2M Rubber Speed Hump with fixings continues to be an indispensable tool for reducing speeding risks, saving lives, and preventing accidents. Trust Speed Humps Australia for reliable road safety solutions that prioritize both effectiveness and affordability.


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Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 135 × 80 × 25 cm
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