4.2m Rubber Speed Hump with Fixings

At Speed Humps Australia, we’re excited to introduce our latest offering – the premium 4.2M Round Top Rubber Speed Hump with fittings. Designed to be the ultimate solution for reducing vehicle speeds and enhancing traffic safety, this speed hump is a must-have addition for any road or parking lot.

Built to Last and Perform

Our premium speed hump is built to withstand the test of time while delivering exceptional performance. Crafted from durable rubber, it can endure various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. But that’s not all; it’s designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for all road users.

Effective Speed Reduction

The round top design of this speed hump not only ensures a comfortable ride but also effectively slows down vehicles, promoting safer speeds. It’s a hassle-free traffic management device that contributes to creating a secure road environment.

Simple Installation, Top Performance

Installing our 4.2M Round Top Rubber Speed Hump is a breeze with the included fixings. It complies with Australian standards, guaranteeing that it not only helps enforce traffic laws but also delivers top-tier performance in doing so.

Enhancing Safety Near Schools and Homes

This speed hump serves as an efficient traffic-calming solution, particularly in areas near schools, homes, or business establishments. By reducing vehicle speeds, it significantly improves pedestrian and driver safety, prevents accidents, and establishes a secure environment.

Choose Speed Humps Australia

When it comes to your traffic control needs, choose Speed Humps Australia for the best products and customer service. Invest in our 4.2M Round Top Rubber Speed Hump today and help make the road environment safer, smoother, and more efficient. Your commitment to safety starts here.

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Rubber Speed Humps are now an essential component of traffic control and road safety, and they are frequently the best option because of their many advantages.

These traffic-calming tools help create safer conditions for both drivers and pedestrians. They are economical and environmentally beneficial.

Rubber speed humps are the best option for regulating traffic and boosting safety.


Affordable Solutions


The affordability of Rubber Speed Humps is one of their best qualities.

These traffic-calming measures are a practical option for many organisations and authorities since they provide an economical means of regulating vehicle speed.

Rubber Speed Humps offer a cost-effective way to promote road safety in a world where money is sometimes scarce.

They provide a less expensive option to more intricate traffic management systems.


Longevity and Robustness


Rubber Speed Humps are made to last for a long time.

They can withstand the abrasion caused by vehicles driving over them every day since they are made of high-quality rubber materials.

This longevity reduces the need for frequent replacements because of the product’s resilience.

Rubber Speed Humps are a sustainable and affordable option for traffic management because maintenance expenses are reduced as a result.


Sound Absorbing


Rubber Speed Humps’ ability to dampen sound is one benefit that is sometimes disregarded.

For adjacent households and pedestrians, the rubber material helps reduce noise levels when vehicles pass over these humps, idal for Retirement Villages, Hospitals, Schools and Day Care Centres.


Greater Safety and Visibility


Speed Humps made of bright yellow and black rubber to make them more visible on the road.

They frequently incorporate reflectors into their design to improve visibility, particularly in low light.

Drivers are warned to slow down and manoeuvre safely by these visual cues.

Rubber speed humps greatly improve road safety by offering a distinct and unmistakable physical and visual barrier.


Sustainable Materials


Rubber Speed Humps do a great job of addressing the issue of environmental sustainability, which is a developing concern.

Since many of these humps are made from reclaimed rubber, fewer fresh resources are needed.

This environmentally friendly strategy lessens the carbon footprint associated with traffic management solutions and is in line with the global movement towards more sustainable practises.


Controlling Traffic Effectively


Rubber Speed Humps are placed in strategic locations to efficiently limit vehicle speed.

They force drivers to slow down by causing a succession of gentle reminders on the road.

In regions where maintaining a safe driving pace is essential, these humps can also be strategically employed to prevent vehicles from resuming high speeds after slowing down.

This makes them indispensable.


Application Varieties


Rubber Speed Humps are useful in a variety of contexts.

They work well for managing traffic in workplaces like factories, malls, parking lots, hospitals, industrial estates, schools, universities, government structures, retirement communities, petrol stations, laneways, secured estates, stop signs, resorts, drive-in restaurants, clubs, childcare facilities, sporting arenas, parks, and even airports.

They are a go-to option for traffic management in a variety of settings thanks to their adaptability and versatility.


Rubber Speed Humps provide a number of benefits that make them an essential instrument for boosting traffic management and road safety.

These Speed Humps are the perfect way to slow down traffic and make all road users safer due to them being cost effective, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Rubber Speed Humps continue to be essential in reducing the risks posed by speeding cars, thereby saving lives and reducing accidents, whether in urban or industrial settings.

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