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Crazy Road Rules From Around the World

Crazy Road Rules From Around the World


Let’s face it road rules are usually there for a pretty good reason, to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. But what happens when the rules stray from the logical to the simply ridiculous? We take a look at some of the crazy road rules in force in other countries.


Alabama – Don’t Drive Blindfolded

Earning a place in the top 5 oddest pieces legislation in the world by UKTV, this Alabama law bans driving while blindfolded. So far, there isn’t any evidence of persons caught breaking this law, so the reasons for its existence are not easily forthcoming.

Russia – Clean Your Car

While the law above makes some sense safety-wise, in Russia, you’re liable to be fined just for having a dirty car, up to 2,000 rubles in fact. Apparently this law is aimed at helping police, as people can drive around in cars so dirty the registration plate is obscured.

Costa Rica – Drink and Drive

Road rules around alcohol are usually pretty tight but in Costa Rica it’s perfectly legal to drink and drive (at the same time) as long as your blood-alcohol level is below 0.75 percent.

Maryland – Don’t Swear and Drive

If you jam your finger in the car door while in Rockville, Maryland it’s best to swear through clenched teeth. If you utter swear words in the presence of others you could find yourself fined or in jail.

Manila – Check Your Numberplate

In Manila, you could be in trouble if you forget your license plate number and drive on a non-allocated day. Here cars with plates ending in a 1 or 2 can’t drive on a Monday, plates with a 3 or 4 can’t drive on Tuesday, etc.

Macedonia – Front Seat Drivers

It’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to this Macedonia drinking and driving law. If you have a passenger who is clearly drunk then oust them from the front seat quick smart, as it’s illegal. We assume it’s ok if they sit in the back seat.

San Francisco – No Car Washing With Used Underwear

The mind boggles at this San Francisco law that states used underwear must not be used to wipe a car at a car wash. We can only assume this was attempted at one stage with less than clean results.

Saudi Arabia & Tennessee – Men Only Please!

So much for women’s lib, in Saudi Arabia women are totally banned from driving cars. While in Tennessee, a woman can drive but her husband must warn of her approach by running in front with a red flag (this one dates back to the 1890s)

Indiana – Horses for Courses

Don’t go showing off your car’s horsepower in Indiana either as it’s against the law to overtake a horse. Though to be fair when delving deeper it extends to horse drawn vehicles and horseback riders which makes more sense.

Wichita, Kansas

Last but not least is this bizarre road rule in Wichita, Kansas which requires drivers to get out of their cars at a certain intersection and fire three rounds from their shotgun. We hope this is another law harking back to the town’s distant past!