Our Rumble Bars solution for Logan City Council

They had a real need, so we helped develop them.


helping Logan City Councils Needs

They had a real need, so we helped develop them.

Now, councils Australia-wide are embracing this new and improved version of what’s sometimes known as “Pavement Bars”. Like the pavement bar product still used by many governments & authorities, the granulated rubber & resin skinned product the Logan City Council had been using had its problems. It was soon realised that this product had various flaws.

Cycleway and Bike Lane Rumble Bars
The Issue


The granulated rubber was not very durable. The resin skin was easily breaking or cracking from the impact of vehicles. This caused the outer skin to split, exposing the fragile granulated inner core. Once this was exposed, the product quickly disintegrated.


The product could not be bolted to the road surface, so the only option was to glue it on.

After discussing these issues with the Logan City Council at the Local Government Expo (LOGOV) in 2008, we installed several successful applications of our Speed Humps products.  Following further discussions with council we  redeveloped the design in a way that maintained quality and integrity. The product needed to be:

Long wearing, Structurally sound, Highly visible without fading, Bolted instead of glued in certain situations.

From these discussions, it was decided that Speed Humps Australia would invest in two new moulds to produce a 300mm and 600mm Rumble Bar using the same product and methods as our very successful Speed Hump specification.

Our Rumble Bars have even been used on the V8 Supercar Townsville 400 race track – a true torture test for the product.

Our Innovative Solution

Bringing those advances to the Pavement Bar proved a quantum leap.

Though the design of the new Rumble Bars was similar to what the council was already using, it was a number of significant improvements that made all the difference:

  • The quality of the product and the structural integrity was immediately improved with the recycled rubber of the same consistency and formula as has been used successfully in our Speed Hump products.
  • Not only were larger reflectors used, we also opted for adding additional reflectors to the sides and ends of the Rumble Bar for increased visibility from all angles. This resulted in extending the number of ways in which the Rumble Bars could be used. They could now also be used as effective lane dividers and bicycle lane separators – an unexpected bonus!
  • With the improved structural integrity that resulted from the higher quality rubber raw product, we were easily able to add bolt holes with significant structural seating for the bolts and washers.
  • All the bolts and washers required for installation are supplied with the product.
  • The 300mm Rumble Bar has two centrally located bolt holes while the 600mm Rumble Bar has three. This allows for the Rumble Bar to either be glued or bolted (or both if the surface is uneven or lacks quality).

There is a simple solution. Rumble Bars.

The Outcome

We opted for using the same size and length bolts & washers that are currently used to secure Speed Humps as these are already trusted and highly effective.

We are proud to announce that the Logan City Council now has a standing order for our Rumble Bars and they are being used throughout the local council area. Our Rumble Bars are being installed in new locations as well as replacing other brands’ products that have deteriorated from poor quality.

Many other councils across Australia are now also using Speed Humps Australia products. The new and improved Rumble Bars are finding their way onto roundabouts, bus lanes, bicycle lanes, bridge slip lanes, hazard area indicators, lane dividers and are even being used in large mine sites as parking guides.

Logan city council speed humps
Rumble Bars Service Station Exit Lane Hervey Bay

The versatile Rumble Bar product is also being used by a variety of different companies and organisations across Australia, including:

  • Line marking companies
  • Main roads and RTA
  • Mining companies
  • Schools
  • Shopping centres

Speed Humps Australia is a locally owned Australian business and therefore has the flexibility and desire to listen to the needs of local councils. We produce products that assist with the improvement of road safety and awareness across Australia.

Should there be other situations where our products – or a newly developed specific product – can be of use, we would be happy to work in partnership with you to find a solution.

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