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Body Corporate Decision Gives Pedestrians a Chance

Body Corporate Decision Gives Pedestrians a Chance


Body Cothe-parkside-bc-installation-3rporates and Unit Managers need to consider not just their residents but also the public at large. Vehicles entering or leaving a unit complex must give way to pedestrians using the footpath. Many Body Corporates are becoming aware of their responsibility when it comes to these critical crossings and taking action.

Every Body Corporate controlled building and unit complex has an entry and exit point that crosses a public footpath. These footpaths can prove very dangerous for both pedestrians and cyclists if measures are not undertaken to slow traffic entering and leaving the complex.

With Public Liability insurance premiums a major expense for any Body Corporate, steps need to be taken to protect residents, whilst also providing a safe environment for pedestrians in the vicinity of their buildings.

Drivers leaving these complexes can often be in a hurry or distracted. Complacency can also become an issue after many daily trips in and out over an extended period of time. Therefore it can be critically important that the Body Corporate have a traffic management plan in place for all car park and driveway areas. This management plan must contain guidelines on signage, acceptable speed limits, Speed Humps and other traffic calming measures as required.

Speed Humps are a simple and cost effective method of providing a highly visual (yellow and black) and physical deterrent, slowing vehicles to a safer speed in these critical areas shared by both pedestrians and motor vehicles. the-parkside-bc-installation-2

It is also very important to consider the driveways that cross public footpaths and the pedestrians and cyclists using these footpaths.  The quick and simple installation on Speed Humps, signage and line marking, if required, can dramatically improve the safety of these crossings and reduce or limit the liability of the body corporate.

Are your building driveways and car parks safe for all users? Does your Body Corporate need to investigate or revisit their safety management plan for these areas? As a resident your safety is at stake and as an owner or Body Corporate member, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of these areas.

Installing traffic calming measures such as speed humps or rumble bars around body corporate units or complexes, reminds drivers of the need to remain vigilant of speed and pedestrian safety.

The team at Speed Humps Australia would be happy to discuss the ways in which we can support road safety around your complex. Contact us today on 1300 138 568 for more information and a quote.

This post was originally published on Oct 12th 2014 and updated on May 31st 2019.