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The Humble Rumble Bar:
The Perfect Traffic Management Device

The Humble Rumble Bar:
The Perfect Traffic Management Device

Are rumble bars the most practical and versatile traffic management device?

Our clients seem to think so! Take a read of the innovative ways that the humble rumble bar has been used recently to help keep both pedestrians and vehicles and their drivers safe and potentially avoid costly fines or repairs.

We’ve always known that the rumble bar was a useful traffic management device. After all, we’ve installed it in such a variety of projects including on mine sites, at drive-thru restaurants and even as a delineation kerb in the Sydney Light Rail Project. However, it seems that the humble rumble bar has almost limitless applications when it comes to helping keep vehicles, pedestrians and drivers safe.

Rumble Bars As A Visual And Audible Cue

In one of our most recent projects we were asked to install rumble bars parallel to the kerbside as both a visual and audible indicator that the area is a loading zone only. Being adjacent to on-street parking bays, drivers were regularly mistaking the area as an extension of the parking area. For the local businesses involved this was causing numerous issues and the installation of the rumble bars has now made a clear delineation as to where the parking zone finishes.

This is also how they are utilised at a large number of drive-thru restaurants too. Coupled with our speed humps, we are able to help prevent gutter rash on cars as they pass through the drive thru lane.

Rumble Bars To Stabilise And Secure

Another innovative use of the rumble bar is to create what is known on mine sites as ‘Fundamentally Stable Parking Bays.’ This is where they are used in conjunction with speed humps to lock wheels in place and secure vehicles from rolling.

They have also been used to assist with keeping cyclists safe. As the majority of cycling accidents occur as a result of drivers and cyclists colliding, particularly on corners, at insections and on roundabouts, delineating the cycle lane with rumble bars has been shown to be effective at reducing collisions between bikes and vehicles.

rumble bars used in Sydney Light Rail Project | Speed Humps Australia

Rumble Bars To Delineate Traffic

We’re also really proud that our rumble bars were selected to be used in the Sydney Light Rail Project. Given the high risk of both pedestrians and vehicles inadvertantly heading onto the tram tracks, the humble rumble bar has once again come into its own as an effective traffic management device.

From city councils wanting to improve road safety to restaurant owners wanting to prevent damage to vehicles and pedestrians, Speed Humps Australia are the preferred provider of rumble bars for so many businesses.


Our new and improved rumble bar

We designed a Rumble Bar that was different to the others:

Longer lasting. Our new rumble bar is a quality product. The structural integrity is practically bulletproof using the recycled rubber of the same consistency and formula as has been used successfully in our Speed Hump products. Don’t be fooled by cheap imports, we are the only suppliers of Speed Humps Australia Rumble Bars –  a superior quality product.

Improved versatility and safety.  We invested in two new moulds to produce a 300mm and 600mm Rumble Bar. Not only were larger reflectors used, we also opted for adding additional reflectors to the sides and ends of the Rumble Bar for increased visibility from all angles. This resulted in extending the number of ways in which our Rumble Bars could be used.

Easier Installation. With the improved structural integrity that resulted from the higher quality rubber raw product, we were easily able to add bolt holes with significant structural seating for the bolts and washers. All the bolts and washers required for installation are supplied with the product.

And here is the result…

Speed Humps Australia is a locally owned Australian business and therefore has the flexibility and desire to listen to the needs of local councils and businesses.

We produce products that assist with the improvement of road safety and awareness across Australia.

Should there be other situations where our products – or a newly developed specific product – can be of use, we would be happy to work in partnership with you to find a solution.

To find out how Speed Humps Australia may be able to assist with making your property safer and easier to navigate for all those who visit, call us today on 1300 138 568.