Car Parking Safety Products That Enhance Pedestrian Safety

wheel stop and rumble bars in parking bays | car parking safety products | Speed Humps Australia

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Speed Humps Australia is proud of the role our products play in ensuring vehicle and pedestrian safety in a huge variety of environments. From slowing the speed of traffic on roads or work sites through the installation of speed humps to car parking safety products like our wheel stops and rumble bars, there are so many applications for our products, used either on their own or in combination.

For example we regularly supply to mine sites, like this one in Gladstone, where wheel stops are used in combination with either speed humps or rumble bars to create what is known as ‘Fundamentally Stable Parking Bays.’ Safety is paramount on mine sites and that includes all areas of the site. Car parking safety products are regularly used to ensure that vehicles are secured against rolling.

wheel stops deployed to stop rubbish bins rolling | Speed Humps Australia

Another innovative idea that we were recently involved with was deploying wheel stops to prevent large rubbish bins from rolling into the path of vehicles or pedestrians. So it’s not just cars that we can help slow or secure… basically our products can be used to secure just about anything on wheels!

Car parking safety products aren’t just used in car parks! One of the most common uses for rumble bars right now is in drive-thru restaurants where they are used to stop vehicles from getting too close to the wall of the restaurant or the kerb. This has the benefit of preventing customers from damaging their cars as well as preventing any exterior damage to the building itself. rumble bars deployed at a drive thru restaurant | Speed Humps Australia

Basically anywhere where vehicles and pedestrians come into close proximity we can help find a solution that improves both vehicle and pedestrian safety. From car parks, shopping centres, shops, restaurants, hospitals, building sites, schools, retirement villages, service stations, sporting venues, parks and airports… we have installed our products pretty much everywhere!

If you would like to explore our car parking safety products or any solution to improve vehicle or pedestrian safety, give us a call today on 1300 138 568 0r enquire online.


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