Another great initiative by our local councils

Another great initiative by our local councils


Speed Humps are now being installed on busy suburban roundabouts to slow traffic speeds at the vital intersections.

The Speed Humps still allow larger vehicles, such as buses and trucks to pass while slowing all traffic entering and exiting the roundabouts. Councils have trialled this use of Speed Humps successfully, and it is now being rolled out across a number of “problem” roundabouts.

Another benefit of the Speed Humps Australia product is that it is quick and easy to install. The rubber moulded product is quickly bolted to virtually any road surface and is immediately effective.

The roundabout only needs to be closed for a short period of time and sections can be installed so as to allow traffic to flow on the other sides.

The rubber speed humps are highly visual and once installed create a visual awareness to drivers to slow down; there is also the physical deterrent that the speed humps provide, forcing drivers to drive cautiously and at lower speeds.

This rubber product is very versatile and can be used in numerous situations.

Working with local councils is providing new and varied uses of our product, and we are very happy to be helping provide safer road environments.