Motorama Group has recently completed an upgrade to their car wash and car park. We were pleased to be involved in the project. Both our high quality Speed Humps and Rumble bars made an appearance however it was the innovative use of our rumble bars that is worth the most mention. Motoroma used our rumble bars to act as the perfect bunding for their car wash. The key purpose of the bunding is to contain usually toxic chemicals and ensure if a spill occurs that it is contained. Most bunds on the market are constructed of concrete or very poor quality rubber, which means either the bunds are difficult to install (if they are concrete) or once installed wear away quickly (if they are low quality rubber). Our rumble bars flexibility made for the perfect solution. Manufactured from recycled rubber, our rumble bars can be easily installed to seal against floor surfaces in workshops, warehouses, marinas, wash bays, liquid storage areas, compressor bays, chemical plants, loading docks, mine sites and any area with a sealed surface. They are also completely trafficable and can be driven over by cars, trucks and forklifts for complete access to bunded areas. Coloured “safety yellow” to match safety floor markings, they are resistant to oil and grease, diesel, petrol and chemicals commonly found in the vehicle service and maintenance industry.


Most Australian states and territories have strict environmental legislation in place that requires preventative measures must be taken to prevent pollution when handling liquid substances. Whilst the regulations differ from State to State, most legislation requires bunding to cover an area of at least 110% of the volume of the chemical stored. Compliance with this legislation can be costly as it often requires a form of a properly maintained and operated bunding in certain areas. Failing to put in place bunding could result in substantial on-the-spot fines, prevention notice fees and prosecution. Our rumble bars can transform a service or wash bay into a fully compliant bunded area overnight, at a fraction of the cost of concrete cutting and forming. They are an excellent and economical alternative to brick or concrete floor bunds which are not normally accessible to traffic.


Prevention goes a long way to avoid costly fines but also dangerous situations. Even minor spills in the workplace could harm employees or visitors. Not to mention damage to nearby equipment.

Why our rumble bars make for the perfect floor bunding


We use high quality recycled rubber which means not only are our products environmental friendly they are one of the toughest on the market. As they yellow color is moulded in not painted in, they will not fade from the sun or other chemicals and will last for years without needing replacement.  They also have no load weight limitations, unlike other construction materials like aluminum, wood or plastic.


Easy installation

Unlike other products on the market, our rumble bars are pre drilled and we supply all nuts, washers and bolts making for a fast and easy application.



Our rumble bars not only provide an amazing protection from water, oil, grease, and chemicals. They can be used for multiple purposes.



Even unusual specifications are not a problem as our rumble bars can be purchased in multiple sections and then seamlessly joined for a perfect, water tight seal and containment.



The use of recycled rubber makes our rumble bars immune to insects, resistant to rot, mildew and moss. The recycled rubber also resists water which means; it’s not going to swell with excessive water contact.



For more information on using our rumble bars as a bunding product please feel free to contact us.